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CA XCOM Data Transport
CA XCOM Data Transport

CA XCOM Data Transport

CA XCOM Data Transport is a multi-platform, multi-protocol transport solution that provides high-performance file transfer capabilities complete with audit trails and reporting. It uses platform-specific security and authentication functions to enhance safety and security. In addition, it comes equipped with enhanced data compression and record packing to help your organization improve flexibility and productivity.

Flexible, streamlined transfer tasks
The CA XCOM Data Transport Management Center offers a centralized, Web-based GUI designed to streamline tasks, simplify execution of file transfers and provide enhanced auditing capabilities. It enables you to view and retrieve common history records for increased support of audit and analysis requirements.

Extended transfers to clients and partners
The CA XCOM Data Transport Gateway offers an “agentless” configuration that provides enhanced flexibility to enable data transfers with your customers and other partners that utilize sFTP, FTPs, FTP, HTTP(s) or XCOM protocols. Its user-friendly Web based interface offers a fast and efficient method to view, select and transfer desired files. The CA XCOM Data Transport Gateway empowers you to customize security, access authority and data retention for additional control over specific data transfers.

Optimized data transfer
Using industry-recognized algorithms such as Run-Length-Encoding and Text Compaction, CA XCOM Data Transport can enhance throughput. By packing fixed-size data transfer blocks, it can further speed transfers while also reducing network traffic.

Enhanced z/OS® features
CA XCOM Data Transport improvements for z/OS transfers are designed to help increase the speed of delivery by managing unused direct access storage devices (DASD) and high-volume execution of transfers. Its enhanced notification levels let you choose what critical transfer events you want to know about immediately, reducing the number of notifications you receive.

Multi-platform support
CA XCOM Data Transport supports a variety of platforms including: z/OS®, Linux on System z, Linux x86, Oracle® Solaris, AIX®, HP-UX®, IBM System i®, HP® Integrity and Integrity NonStop, Stratus®, Windows® platforms and OpenVMS™. As it moves your critical data across different platforms, CA XCOM can convert data to formats native to the receiving platform or to a user-customizable format. Security interfaces that are native to each platform give you integrated functionality to help you maintain data privacy while maximizing your investments.

Simplified Use
CA XCOM has adopted key features of CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM) that are designed to simplify your use of CA XCOM and enable your staff to install, deploy and maintain it more effectively and quickly.

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